Increases metabolism and T3, suppresses appetite, reduces cortisol, blocks carbohydrates and fat absorption.
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Andrew - York
5 Stars

I've tried many fat loss products over the years and this rates up with the now banned ECA Stack as the best I've used. I cut around 21lbs in 4 weeks, with it, basically only eating fish and green leafy veg, while doing burning around 1000cals of cardio work per day. A bit extreme for most people but Dietology gave me the energy to keep training as I dropped the calories right down. It completely eradicates your appetite for the most part to. Now you won't drop 21lbs by taking a magic pill and sitting in front of the tv eating chips, but Dietology will help you burn the fat off and it's much easier than dieting alone, which I certainly struggle with. Most people won't have such an extreme diet/exercise regime as me and won't lose weight as fast as I have but it will make it easier, which is nice.

Samantha - Nottingham
5 Stars

I used Dietology before a Mediterranean Cruise with my hubi. I was really concerned about wearing anything slightly revealing after we booked it. But after I used Dietology for 4 weeks, everything was that big firmer, tighter and I was much more confident. It's a really good product and better than anything else I've ever used before.

Gary - Liverpool
5 Stars

Helped me lose 7lbs in a month and back in the old trousers. More than happy.

Tony - Birmingham
5 Stars

Very Good!!!!!!

Kirsten - Norwich
5 Stars

I've been the 'big girl' throughout my life and always tried to lose weight for years without much success. I bought Dietology initially and after not being sure how to use it I emailed yorkshiresups asking them for advice. After chatting to them they must have spent hours giving me dieting and exercise coaching. So onwards and upwards with Dietology and I have been using it for 4 months now. It really does make dieting easier. Before I struggled to keep to diets but I don't have hunger pains or temptation anymore. I have more . So far I've lost 3 stones and 2lbs in 4 months. I get so many positive comments from workmates and friends. I feel like I have a new life now. Anyway I'm not just happy with the product but really happy with the service because I don't think I could of done it without the help. I recomend the product but also contacting these people for tips. Really helpful, Thanks agains guys!!!

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