Increases metabolism and T3, suppresses appetite, reduces cortisol, blocks carbohydrates and fat absorption.
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Dietology - 90x1000mg Doses per Bottle

Dietology is the first fat loss formula to aid fat loss with 6 proven methods: increasing metabolism, T3 & T4 thyroid boosters, suppressing appetite, suppressing harmful cortisol, blocking carbohydrates, and blocking fat absorption. It's essentially 6 different products in 1 formula cutting bodyfat in 6 different ways, not just great value, but vitally perhaps the most effective weight loss product to date. 

Reported Dietology Benefits

Upto 20lbs fat loss alongside diet and exercise in just 4 weeks
Increased energy levels in workouts even when dieting
Reduced Appetite
An estimated reduction of fat absorbtion by 20%
An estimated reduction of carbohydrate absorbtion by 25%
Improved stamina
A sense of well being

The Science Behind Dietology

Metabolic Boosters - Dietology combines the 5 most powerful metabolic stimulants on the market today in potent doses with sida cordifolia, raspberry ketones, green tea extract, guarana and cafeine. These will ramp up your CNS which releases energy from fat burning. Combined with exercise these metabolisers see burn calories and fat fast. Chromium Picolinate is a trace mineral that aids in glucose, fat, and protein metabolism by enhancing the effects of insulin or increasing insulin sensitivity. 

Thyroid Boosters - Low thyroid gland activity can be responsible for weight gain and lack of energy. Thyroid boosters can optimise T3 and T4 levels to maximise metabolic rate and fat burning. All of the major T3/T4 boosters are in Dietology including: Forskolin, Guggulsterones, N Acetyl L Tyrosine and L Carnatine.

Appetite Suppression - The metabolic stimulants and T3/T4 Boosters reduce appetite but to make dieting easy Hoodia is added for further the effect.

Fat Blockers - Chitosan may block upto 25% being absorbed into your body by excreting some fat that you consume. 

Cortisol Blockers - Cortisol production in the body is really a dieter's biggest nightmare because not only does this mean the body is overly stressed, but it also encourages the accumulation of body fat, particularly in the stomach region. Phosphatidyl Serine is the most effective cortisol blocker and Dietology has a huge 1000mg dose.

Carb Blockers - White Kidney Bean Extract and Citrimax (HCA Hydroxycitric Acid) are the 2 key carb blockers which may reduce carbohydrates turning to fat. 

At Nutrology we've looked to cover every base with Dietology to create the ultimate fat loss aid. Not only does it contain all the most powerful ingredients it contains them in large doses and highest industry strengths.

Dietology Proprietary Blend: Sida Cordifolia, Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea Extract, Guarana, Cafeine, Chromium Picolinate, Forskolin, Guggulsterones, N Acetyl L Tyrosine and L Carnatine,Hoodia, Chitosan  Phosphatidyl Serine, White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseolus Vulgaris) and Citrimax (HCA Hydroxycitric Acid).

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Andrew - York
5 Stars

I've tried many fat loss products over the years and this rates up with the now banned ECA Stack as the best I've used. I cut around 21lbs in 4 weeks, with it, basically only eating fish and green leafy veg, while doing burning around 1000cals of cardio work per day. A bit extreme for most people but Dietology gave me the energy to keep training as I dropped the calories right down. It completely eradicates your appetite for the most part to. Now you won't drop 21lbs by taking a magic pill and sitting in front of the tv eating chips, but Dietology will help you burn the fat off and it's much easier than dieting alone, which I certainly struggle with. Most people won't have such an extreme diet/exercise regime as me and won't lose weight as fast as I have but it will make it easier, which is nice.

Samantha - Nottingham
5 Stars

I used Dietology before a Mediterranean Cruise with my hubi. I was really concerned about wearing anything slightly revealing after we booked it. But after I used Dietology for 4 weeks, everything was that big firmer, tighter and I was much more confident. It's a really good product and better than anything else I've ever used before.

Gary - Liverpool
5 Stars

Helped me lose 7lbs in a month and back in the old trousers. More than happy.

Tony - Birmingham
5 Stars

Very Good!!!!!!

Kirsten - Norwich
5 Stars

I've been the 'big girl' throughout my life and always tried to lose weight for years without much success. I bought Dietology initially and after not being sure how to use it I emailed yorkshiresups asking them for advice. After chatting to them they must have spent hours giving me dieting and exercise coaching. So onwards and upwards with Dietology and I have been using it for 4 months now. It really does make dieting easier. Before I struggled to keep to diets but I don't have hunger pains or temptation anymore. I have more . So far I've lost 3 stones and 2lbs in 4 months. I get so many positive comments from workmates and friends. I feel like I have a new life now. Anyway I'm not just happy with the product but really happy with the service because I don't think I could of done it without the help. I recomend the product but also contacting these people for tips. Really helpful, Thanks agains guys!!!

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