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99.9% Protodiscian Steroidal Saponins Tribulus Terrestris

The purest 99.9% Protodiscian Steroidal Saponins Tribulus!
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Phenomenal Nutrition's - 99.9% Protodiscian Steroidal Saponins Tribulus Terrestris

45x2000mg doses - equivalent of 30x300mg capsules

Phenomenal Nutrition introduce the only 99.9% Protodiscian Steroidal Saponins on the market today. Protodiscian Steroidal Saponins are the active ingredient in Tribulus that elevates both Lithuising Hormone and Testosterone. Many Tribulus products contain little to no Protodiscian so are ineffective, which is the reason some tests say Tribulus is ineffective at increasing testosterone. Bulgarian Tribulus that is high in Protodiscian though has shown to increase testosterone by 50 percent. Our Bulgarian Tribulus is refined to give the world’s most potent Protodiscian dose. Not only that you get 3000mg servings, which is 4-6 times the dose of many Tribulus supplements.

 Benefits of Protodisician Tribulus Supplementation
  • Clinically proven 52% average increases in serum testosterone with a lower dosed Protodiscician Tribulus.
  • Clinically proven 70% average increases in  with a lower dosed Protodiscician Tribulus.
  • Reported improved Sex Drive & Better Sexual Sensation with users reporting more intense sex.
  • Users report stronger, longer and even larger erections.
  • Reported Lean Muscle Gains of 1-2lbs per week
  • Side Effect Free
  • Reduced Bodyfat
  • Reported Faster Recovery Time
  • Improved Quality of Sleep
  • Positive effects on mood
  • Heightened sexual sensation.
  • Some research shows Tribulus has an Anti-Cortisol. Aswell as increasing lean muscle this can reduce your likelihood of suffering from cancer, depression and stress.
Tribulus Terrestris is ofcourse a renowned aphrodisiac, increasing sex drive in both men and women and even being used effectively as a treatment for impotence. The scientific action is believed to be Tribulus stimulating Luteinizing Hormone which is a sex hormone that increases sex drive, erection strength, sperm production and mobility and heightened sexual feeling. In turn scientists believe the elevated luteinizing hormone is believed to elevate Testosterone.  

Experience the World’s Most Potent Tribulus, order today and take advantage of our multi-buy discounts. 

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Yestin - Wrexham
5 Stars

I've used plenty of Tribulus brands but this is by far the best one I've come across. I have more energy, feel stronger in the gym, abbs are tighter and ofcourse feel like a bit of a sex god taking this.

Ivan - Leeds
5 Stars

im 22 and at my peak testosterone so didnt expect to build any strength or any muscle but thought id give it a try anyway but i have got stronger and leaner so it must be great for older guys testosterone. And my sex drive has gone through the roof.

Amir - Birmingham
5 Stars

Most tribulus is junk, this one is the real deal. My Testosterone feels seriously ramped up!!!

Tom - West Yorkshire
5 Stars

After being diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol I wanted to find natural ways to reduce my blood pressure. Research shows Tribulus Terrestris standardised for Protodiocin reduces cholesterol and in turn reduces blood pressure. This was the highest level of Protodisoscin of any Tribulus I could find so bought it right away. 2 months on blood pressure is down 20 points, which isn't perfect but a big improvement and cholesterol readings are much lower. I've re-ordered Phenomenal Tribulus and will keep it as part of my health regime.

Terry - Rotherham
5 Stars

I swear to god this works like viagra!!!! (it really does) i had constant boners bigger and harder than ever! I'm not joking buy it and try it yourself.

James - Northampton
5 Stars

I suffer from erectile dysfunction and this Tribulus and Ziagra also from Yorkshiresups are the 2 best supplements I've come across to help my problem. I really recommend them to anyone who has the same problem.

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